The essential settings for the website is written in config.ts.


Set languages to support in (Language code): (Label) format.
The labels are used in the language switcher at top-right of the page.

By default, MDMT supports English and Japanese:

langugages: {
en: "English",
ja: "日本語",


Set main language of the website.
Default is en (English).

Main langauge pages are served directly under the root.
Other languages are served in their directories.
For example, English pages are served in / and Japanese pages are served in /ja in this document.


Define data to use in Markdown frontmatter.
By default, MDMT defines these data:

  • title: page title
  • description: page description
  • color: page theme color

If frontmatter is not defined in a Markdown file, MDMT uses the value defined here.
For example, config.ts for this document defines color: #00DDFF so the top page has blue background, but this page has yellow background because the Markdown file for this page defines color: #FFAA00 in the frontmatter.


Set metadata for the website.
This data is used on sharing the website on SNS, or on installing the website as PWA.

  • name: name of website
  • shortName (optional): App name for PWA
  • url: URL of website
  • image (optional): hero image URL
  • twitter (optional): your Twitter account
  • themeColor: theme color for PWA
  • backgroundColor: background color for PWA

Data for links in the sidebar menu.
Add link data in [label, path] format.
The data can also be nested to represent nested menu.

The sidebar data for this website is like this:

sidebar: {
en: [
["Home", "/"],
["Getting Started", "/getting-started"],
["Features", null, [ // Nested item without link
["MDX", "/features/mdx"],
["I18n", "/features/i18n"],
["PWA", "/features/pwa"]
["Customize", "/customize", [ // Nested item with link
["Config", "/customize/config"],
["Theme", "/customize/theme"]]
["How It Works", "/how-it-works"],
["FAQ", "/faq"]
ja: [
["ホーム", "/ja"],
["使い方", "/ja/getting-started"],
["機能", null, [
["MDX", "/ja/features/mdx"],
["多言語対応", "/ja/features/i18n"],
["PWA", "/ja/features/pwa"]
["カスタマイズ", "/ja/customize", [
["設定ファイル", "/ja/customize/config"],
["テーマ", "/ja/customize/theme"]
["仕組み", "/ja/how-it-works"],
["よくある質問", "/ja/faq"]

sidebar data must be provided for all supported languages.
If insufficient, MDMT won't build 🤗

Data for links in the header menu.

In default theme, header menu is only displayed on PC.
If you wanna show them on mobile, please edit components/Header.tsx.

header: {
en: [["GitHub", ""]],
ja: [
["GitHub", ""],
["About Me", ""]

header data must be provided for all supported languages.