Getting Started

In this page, we'll learn how to create a website with MDMT.
We call the website my-mdmt-website.

1. Clone MDMT

Download MDMT to your PC.
Run these commands in the terminal.

git clone my-mdmt-website
cd my-mdmt-website
npm i

2. Run Development Server

When you run npm start, the development server will start on http://localhost:3000/

3. Create a Page

You can create pages just by writing Markdown files.
Create /pages/ and enter the text below:

# Hello my website

Then the browser will show the content you just wrote on http://localhost:3000/hello .
When you edit, the browser will update the content instantly.


4. Edit config.js

Set the website name, URL, languages etc.
For now, set frontmatter.title to my-mdmt-website.

Editing title

The title of the page changed to my-mdmt-website !

For other settings, see Configuration page.

5. Build

Hit Ctrl-C to stop the dev server.
Then run npm run build - the static HTML/JS/CSS files will be generated in docs/!

After that you can publish the files in docs/ to anywhere you like!
If you wanna publish the website on GitHub Pages, just commit & push /docs and change the repository settings on GitHub🤘